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Inigo is a fully voiced khajiit adventuring companion with thousands of lines of unique dialogue. He's essential. He’ll level alongside you. He’ll avoid most traps. If you’re sneaking he won’t chatter. If you talk to him while sneaking he’ll whisper. He can run out of arrows. He’s highly skilled in archery, one-handed, and sneak. He has unique, random combat dialogue for most enemies. Your morality is his morality. He tells stories, sings, and is influenced by your time together.

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Colin's Clips! / Annoying Langley
« Last post by Colin Burton on Today at 08:04:17 »
solved it! just die!


no, really. just type "player.kill" and let the game reload. that should help. it probably isn't save game bloat, for that matter.
~Forgive and Forgotten~

     The temple is far different then the one in Whiterun. It is clear marriages are held here. A shiny and well kept statue of Mara stands in the back, her sad eyes weep for those who do not know love. A few priests and priestesses walk around, cleaning, praying and talking to visitors. It is peaceful. I walk up to the shrine, say a prayer, and leave the temple. I do not want to linger too long, I've had my fair share of chanting.

     I walk down the stairs and under the archway and make a left. If I am correct, the jail is attached to the keep. I keep walking until I am met with the opening to the stone walls of the keep. Steps ascend on either sides of a planter and a few butterflies flit about. Swords can be heard hitting training dummies to my left and I can see an archway to the right. I take the right side and pass a guard as I enter the jail. Entering the doorway, I feel a cool air cover me. A candle dances on a table and I turn left at a corner. A guard sits in a chair, and grunts at me, "You're not supposed to be down here..." He stops though and looks closely at me, "Oh, apologies, I hadn't realized it was you. Of course you may enter." He unlocks the door and sits back down.

     I walk forward and come to a table, I look down and notice a note. It speaks of some crazy cat who is paying them to let him stay in prison, it mentions a key. I lazily look to my right, I see a small strongbox on the mantle of the fireplace and walk to it. The guard at the table in the room doesn't look up from her book. I take the key and return to the table where the note was. I turn my attention to my right, where the jail cells are. I can hear a voice speaking. It is rough yet somehow smooth. I follow it and sure enough, the familiar voice comes from a familiar blue blur sitting in the first left cell. He is speaking to a dragonfly and is in only his loin cloth. I can't help but chuckle at the sight.

     I unlock the cell and enter slowly. He stops talking and looks up at me. His eyes widen for a moment before he speaks. "Come to kill me at last, have you? Thank the gods, I can bare the guilt no longer..." I can only look at him in shock. Yet I am not surprised he knows me. I have been catching glimpses and hearing his voice in my dreams for some time now. However, now I knew they were memories. I lean on the dresser that sits on the wall behind him, he does not turn around, but his head shifts slightly so he can see from the side of his vision. 

     "I do not know what you mean." I say, coolly, truthfully. He explains. He spills forth so many words. They hurt my heart and make sense.
"You tried to kill me? But if you thought I was dead, then why wait for me here?" I ask. He explains that he heard great tales of a hero that matched my description. I think back on the Companions and the war. I walk away from the dresser and stand in front of him. I pull out a set of robes I had on me and pass them to him. "Come Inigo, repay your debt with the blood of my foes." He takes the robes and smiles, "YES! Or die defending you!!" He puts on the robes and gathers his things. I wait for him by the railing of the cell block, watching the other prisoners. He joins me with a smile and we walk out of the Riften jail together.

     I can only forgive at this point, for I had already forgotten his sins. Only his words tell me of my past, and I do not if they are true. I do know, however, that they fit and that my dreams led me to him.
Colin's Clips! / Inigo’s early opinion of Lydia
« Last post by Colin Burton on Yesterday at 18:15:33 »
      Kharjo and J'Zargo stand watch on either side of the family while Inigo lays in the middle, looking lazy but fully aware. M'rissi sits next to the two girls, feet in the water of the cool lake while the boys fight with each other about who was the better fisher. M'Zonne laughs at her children while she fiddles with healing magic.

    The sun is warm, the clouds drift calmly and the lake laps on the shore with no urgency. It is a beautiful day, a perfect day for the family to spend on a lake. The carriage driver and horse that brought them there can be heard near by. The carriage driver talks to the horse, a calm and pleasant voice. The horses tail swishes back and forth as it eats the apple that is presented to it.

     Inigo sits up, ears perked. The boys stop, the adults turn and look at the sudden movement, the girls frown with worry. His nose twitches, "I think I smell...LUNCH!" They all laugh and gather to eat what had been cooking on the fire. Fresh rabbit, that Inigo boasts he shot fearlessly.

     "So Mama, will you tell us more? What happened after you got to Riften?"  They all nod once more. M'Zonne laughs and puts down a rabbit bone.

     "Sure my little ones, I will tell you more. But keep eating!" They cheer and take another bite of their food. J'Zargo and Kharjo finish their lunch and return to their watch. Inigo shifts in his seat and a red hue leaks from under his fur.

     Once I was in Riften, it was very clear to me that staying outside of walls was foolish. If a dragon attacked Riften I could jump into the stinky canal. I walked in and an old man was being ignored by a guard and all other kinds of things were going on. I decided on the bar, but before I could get there, some grumpy man stopped me and asked if I was looking for trouble! Well, I wasn't and told him this. He wasn't very nice about it. I was able to get away and walked right into the bar and sat down for a drink. I drank a lot and was there for some time. I eventually saw a letter on the bar, and asked the dark elf sitting next to me if I could read it. He said sure and I did. It was a note, it smelled familiar, it had a name that I felt I knew. I sort of picked up the letter and stumbled to the basement to read it again. It was loud in the bar. I REALLY felt like I knew the guy. So I stuffed it in my pocket and decided I'd hunt him down. The letter said he was in the jail!

     Anyway. I somehow make it there. Not sure how long it took me. I had blacked out at some point in all of this. But I made it, I actually had the bribe the guard with gold! It was annoying.  I found another letter once inside, on a table. It was about the person, but not written by him. I grabbed a key for the cell that it mentioned and looked for the person matching the description. I smelt him before I saw him. Very familiar scent. And there he was, sitting in a jail cell talking to a dragonfly.

     She points at Inigo, a huge smile on her face, "Your Uncle Inigo!" The children gasp in surprise and look at him. He has a sheepish smile. M'Zonne gives him a big grin and continues the story.

     Turns out he was waiting for me the whole time! He thought he had killed me, but my body never showed up and he heard these stories of some great adventurer! I mean, I'm not sure what stories he meant. But it was flattering. "He tried to kill you?" A child asks. "Yup!" She points at her eye. That is how I lost my eye sight and got this scar. I decided not to kill him and asked him to join me in the travels. I was lonely and wanted to do more that hunt in the woods. He agreed. And that's how I met your Uncle Inigo! At least, the time I remember. I still know nothing about my past. Don't hold it against him though. I don't, I forgave him long ago. He's my best friend.

     Inigo seems to tear up at this and gets up and walks to M'Zonne, hugging her. The children "Awwwwwww" and M'rissi smiles. "Yes my friend, I love you too." They let go of the hug and Inigo sits on the ground with the kids, they all hug him. "Anyway, that's all you get today. I hear a dragon in the distance. And I don't feel like fighting one today. Home we go!"  and they all head home.
Deadlinux - Let's Play / IT'S SOUL, KAREN! - Skyrim Modded Ep 218
« Last post by deadlinux on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 - 22:56:54 »
WHERE THE HECK IS THE HORSEY!! We (I) wander around trying to find all the pieces. The Reaper shards, the horse head, the pages - it's a collectors dream! Or a nightmare, eh? Either way, it's still a lot of fun. Episode 218 of Skyrim Modded. Enjoy!
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     Huddled in a group, the children sat and listened intently. The other adults also sat and listened, fondly though.

"Well, it all started the day Helgen was attacked by a dragon. You know the day...."

     There I was, kneeling on the ground, facing a life or death situation, when I heard its roar! It flew right over me, and ruined the rabbit I was cooking at the fire. I was STARVING! And this dumb flying lizard got dirt all over my lunch. I stood up and looked toward the direction it came and saw the town in flames. I looked were it was flying and saw It headed toward the North West and I thought to my self, NO WAY! I immediately packed up and headed to the burning town, but only because It was on the way to the Rift. I popped my head it and it was destroyed badly. But I carried on my way. You see, your Mama had no time for foolishness like that, I was merely a forgotten and lost cat hunting in the woods.

"Mama," one of the children piped up, "Why were you forgotten and lost??" All the kids nodded, they all wanted to know. M'Zonne smiled a big grin and leaned forward even more, ushering the children to listen closely.

     Not long before that, I had woken up on the floor of the forest somewhere near Riften. With an arrow in my eye no less! I was bleeding and it hurt so bad and I had no memory of who I was or what was going on. All I knew was that I had an arrow in my eye and a huge gash on my nose. I stumbled around for a bit until I blacked out. I woke up with no arrow in my eye and a clean face. I must of taken care of my self while I was blacked out. I remember nothing of it. Not knowing who I was or really, WERE I was, I sort of stayed out in the woods and such. Hunting and relaxing. I had made my way over to the area near Helgen to hunt deer but had only caught rabbits. That's basically how I witnessed a huge lizard flying over and destroying my lunch.

     Uncle Inigo shifted a bit in his seat, he was clearly uncomfortable, but said nothing. "After getting past Helgen and that cold snowy pass, I stopped in a town up river to sell some meat I got while walking and then took a boat to Riften. I  had never been inside before, but I was not in favor of being out in the open after seeing a dragon. It's a shady place, and I don't mean trees."

     One of the children yawned and the other three gave them a sharp glare, but M'Zonne had already noticed. "Time for bed little ones. I'll tell you more tomorrow." They all groaned but listened. As the mother began to sing to the children, Inigo walked up to M'Zonne, "Sorry again my friend." He hung his head. "No worries you blue fuzz ball." And she hugged him. It was a true friendship.
Colin's Clips! / Inigo boasts
« Last post by Colin Burton on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 - 17:02:58 »
Colin's Clips! / Goat eggs?
« Last post by Colin Burton on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 - 16:59:31 »
Colin's Clips! / Inigo & the dragon
« Last post by Colin Burton on Mon, 20 Nov 2017 - 16:56:02 »
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