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Author Topic: The Madgod's Brother  (Read 103 times)

Description: Because everybody loves a little sibling rivalry...

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The Madgod's Brother
« on: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 - 17:49:27 »
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  • Backstory
         Before the commencement of the Oblivion Crisis, there were two brothers in the Imperial Province. The older brother was named Rufus; the younger, Brutus. These two were constantly competing with each other, and either one would try to one-up the other, or else have some misfortune befall the other.
         At one point, Brutus brought Rufus to court on false charges. Through expert craftiness on the part of Brutus, Rufus was found guilty and thrown into the Imperial Prison--and right across the hall from the infamous Valen Dreth, no less! Surely, this tormentous Dunmer would drive Rufus up the wall!
         But before a full day passed, Rufus got let out of prison by the Emperor and his Blades. In the coming months, Rufus would earn the reputation that legends are made of! Hero of Kvatch! Arch-Mage! Guildmaster! Gray Fox! Listener! Grand Champion! Divine Crusader! Champion of Cyrodiil!
         Brutus was irked to no end as he learned of his elder brother's successes. Rufus would write to him from time to time, recounting his adventures in boastful detail and lording his superiority over the younger brother.
         But then, for a full month, Rufus disappeared. When the month was up, Brutus received a letter. It was from Rufus! In it, Rufus's tone was somewhat subdued, yet excited--he had supplanted the Madgod Himself! The old Sheogorath was done away with; Rufus was now the new.
         As the new Madgod, Rufus did not know when he would see his little brother again in person. Therefore, he invited Brutus to visit him in the Shivering Isles, through the mysterious portal in the Niben Bay. Amidst the rebuilt town of Passwall, the brothers met. Brutus wore his typical facial expression of animosity; Rufus, on the other hand, was grinning.
         It was not a pleasant grin.
         Rufus then told Brutus that this little rivalry of theirs was most enjoyable, and he did not want the fun to be spoiled upon Brutus's death. Therefore, Rufus exercised a fraction of his newfound power and granted Brutus nigh eternal life, all for the purpose of allowing the rivalry to continue onward throughout the coming ages!

    Character and Gameplay
         In this Skyrim playthrough, the player will play as Brutus. The focus will be to attempt to outdo the Madgod in any way possible. Therefore, Brutus will attempt what would normally be considered unreasonable or even impossible, including sneaking around in heavy armor; being a powerful Destruction mage while wielding two-handed weapons; leading the Stormcloaks to victory as an Imperial; defeating a Magna-Ge or two in single combat; and most importantly, killing the World Eater!
         During his adventures in Skyrim, Brutus will eventually meet back up with his elder brother, who has now had ample time to adjust to being the Madgod. During this encounter, Rufus will pretend that he and Brutus are not related, and Brutus will go along with it out of spite.
         The rest of the time, Brutus will write little notes to the Madgod and leave them out in the open for him to read. Being the snarky brother that Rufus is, he will often respond in kind under Brutus' lettering.
         And to top it all off, Rufus will grant Brutus a selection of boons and curses every single day, depending on his mood!

    Main Skills
    - Two-Handed
    - Destruction
    - Heavy Armor
    - Sneak
    - Illusion

    Important Mods
    - Patron Gods of Skyrim (for Sheogorath's boons and curses)
    - Spellsword (adds weapon enchantments that can also function as spells)
    - Witchhunter Spells and Prayers Pack (adds additional magic options for people with no hands free for spellcasting)
    - Smart Cast (lets most spells be cast hands-free)
    - Wabbasmack (lets you turn Wabbajack into a club or a warhammer)
    - The Way of the Force (adds nifty little Star Wars Force powers; also plays into why Brutus goes to Skyrim in the first place)
    - Personalized Music (lets you customize the game's soundtrack; in this case, there will be a selection of tracks by Kevin MacLeod that help the atmosphere to match Brutus' mischievous and snarky personality)
    - Civil War Overhaul (not available on Nexus anymore)
    - Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods (Rufus only got one of Boethiah's artifacts. Brutus will get even more of them!)
    - Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge
    - Royal Armory (for Cicero's unique dagger, Smile)
    - Mighty Magick Skyrim (for spell-scaling and more legitimate Illusion spells)
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