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Author Topic: Durnolb: Orc Craftsman and Explorer  (Read 48 times)


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Durnolb: Orc Craftsman and Explorer
« on: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 - 00:05:29 »
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  • Backstory
         Durnolb was born and raised in an orc stronghold in eastern High Rock. In terms of physical build, he was the prime example of what an Orc should be: big, and strong; this initially made him quite promising in the eyes of the stronghold.
         However, Durnolb soon demonstrated some peculiarities, not the least of which was his eyesight. At a very young age, it was revealed and confirmed that he simply did not see colors normally—in his eyes, red was green and orange was blue, and vice-versa. Before too long, however, the wise woman managed to come up with a solution for this problem: every morning (or anytime he wanted “normal” vision), Durnolb would have to eat a nirnroot and wash it down with a bottle of ale (he was a big kid, so his superiors reasoned he could hold his liquor). This would set his basic color template to how it should be, though his overall eyesight would still not be quite 100% normal. Additionally, the effects would last only until he went to sleep.
         Durnolb’s other peculiarities manifested themselves later. First, he developed a keen interest in smithing, which is strictly a women’s job in the stronghold. The prospect of making things with his big hands appealed to him greatly—and if he had to give the metal a good pounding to shape it into what he wanted, all the better! (In truth, the forge wife secretly appreciated his help at the forge, especially with regards to getting the basic shape of the current project pounded out) Later, he developed a love of books. His curiosity about the outside world grew, and books occasionally scavenged during hunts provided a valuable window. This struck the stronghold as wrong for two reasons: 1) the ability to read was only taught in the stronghold for strictly practical reasons as befitted the needs of stronghold life, and 2) it was Malacath’s express desire for his people as outcasts to live in collective isolation and not get tangled up in the outside world.
         Nevertheless, the stronghold tolerated Durnolb’s peculiarities for as long as they had to. Once he came of age, however, they effectively banished him—not that he minded overmuch, since he wanted to get out of that isolationist environment anyway. So, kitted out in some basic, sturdy armor and carrying a basic, sturdy warhammer (all of which he forged himself), he ventured forth from his home for possibly the last time in his life.
         Durnolb took to exploring as much of Tamriel as he could, procuring artifacts and books as he went. During his travels, he would occasionally help out at a blacksmith’s shop, and visits to various magical institutions netted him some skill in enchanting as well. To help deal with the injuries he would inevitably have to endure, he additionally learned some basic alchemy, as well as the most basic healing spell.
         Having spent a fair bit of time in provinces such as High Rock, Hammerfell, Cyrodiil, Valenwood, and even Morrowind over the years, Durnolb later decided to tackle the Jerall Mountains and cross over into Skyrim. But as he was doing his share of reading in a Synod guild hall in Bruma, he came across one of the Black Books from Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mora’s plane of Oblivion. Against his better judgment, Durnolb opened the book, which led directly to a meeting with the Demon of Knowledge then and there in the guild hall. Hermaeus informed Durnolb of a peculiar khajiit in the southeastern region of Skyrim, heavily suggesting that the orc seek the khajiit out. Malacath appeared right after Hermaeus left, and he told Durnolb to heed the other Daedra’s advice.
         Therefore, Durnolb decided that it was finally time to cross the Jeralls and enter into the home of the Nords. Shortly after the crossing, however, he got caught in an Imperial ambush, where he lost everything he had accumulated over the years. He manages to escape execution and dragonfire both; following a meeting with the Jarl of Whiterun, Durnolb would head straight to Riften and seek out that curious khajiit...

    Playthrough Details
         Durnolb’s main skills will be Two Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, and Enchanting, with some Archery and Alchemy thrown in as needed. He will, among other things, be an avid collector of books. He is curious and good-natured, and factions such as the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood do not appeal to him at all; the Companions, on the other hand, will pique his interest, so he will lend his ample muscle to that group. When enchanting select weapons and armor, he will take inspiration from Tamrielic culture, history, and geography, all of which is reflected largely in what he names his creations (for instance, a fire-enchanted ebony greatsword being named Shard of Red Mountain). And despite his being a city orc, he still reveres Malacath.

    Notable Mods:
    - Inigo
    - Book Covers Skyrim and Book Covers Skyrim – Lost Library
    - Clockwork
    - Personalized Music (with Enderal tracks)
    - Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation
    - Hunterborn
    - Realistic Needs and Diseases (surprise, surprise)
    - Disparity
    - Racial Body Morphs
    - Konahrik’s Accoutrements
    - Patron Gods of Skyrim
    - The Tools of Kagrenac (PrivateEye’s mod) (maybe) (if used, wait for the update!)
    - Imaginator*
    - Baked Beans of Skyrim (maybe)

    *Imaginator will be used for Durnolb’s vision. By default, the Saturation setting will be set at -100. However, every time he eats a sample of nirnroot and downs a bottle of ale immediately afterward, Saturation will be restored to 0 and the Parchment Overlay preset will be set to 1.0.
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