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Author Topic: Chapter 41  (Read 75 times)


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Chapter 41
« on: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 01:17:24 »
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  •      “Listen, Dar’rakki. What your friend did was no betrayal. Yes, she did break her promise, but sometimes, things just happen, and extenuating circumstances can cause a change of plans. She sacrificed herself so that you may live. My brother did the same...”
         Trystan woke in the Vilemyr Inn to Inigo’s attempts at bringing perspective to the other distraught khajiit. When Trystan first talked to Dar’rakki the night before, he could not help but be reminded of how Fergus sacrificed himself so that his brother, Inigo, could live—this part of Inigo’s story seemed almost a direct parallel to Dar’rakki’s.
         But as much as Trystan wanted to spend more time giving Dar’rakki peace of mind concerning his childhood friend’s betrayal of his trust, there was work to do. Therefore, once Trystan had a brief chat of his own with Inigo, they and Serana made the long trek north from Ivarstead to Winterhold.
         Urag, the librarian, claimed that while he did have something on the arcane orb beneath Saarthal at one point, an apprentice named Orthorn stole a number of books (the volume in question being one of them) and ran off to join some rogue mages down in Fellglow Keep.
         Long story short, Trystan, Serana, and Inigo put an end to the rogue mages, freed the captive Orthorn, and recovered the books that he had stolen—along with a few other noteworthy texts, that is. And of the three books that Orthorn stole, “Night of Tears” was what Trystan was specifically looking for, for it mentions how the elves that sacked Saarthal were perhaps going after that very orb and the immense power contained within.
    . . . . .
         “Serana, take a look at this: ‘Over the course of my employment, Zenas and I developed such a link between one another. It was accidental, a result of two powerful Conjurers working closely together, but we decided that it would be invaluable should he succeed in traveling to Oblivion. Since the denizens of that land could be touched even by the skills of an amateur Conjurer, it was possible we could continue to communicate while he was there, so I could record his discoveries.’”
         Trystan, Serana, and Inigo were crowded together in the small room they had rented in the Nightgate Inn that night, Trystan reading from “The Doors of Oblivion”; he had found this book along with the rest back in Fellglow Keep. The passage that he pointed out to Serana interested him greatly: Serana was quite skilled in necromancy, and Trystan himself, being a breton, had a natural aptitude for Conjuration as well. Therefore, Trystan reasoned, developing the sort of connection that Morian Zenas had with his apprentice was just as plausible for him and Serana. It would undoubtedly take months—if not years—for this connection to develop, but it was certainly something to strive for.
         And now that Trystan thought of it, the “Summon Inigo” spell that Langley taught him worked in a similar fashion. True, Inigo was no Conjurer himself, and Trystan was still an amateur. Nevertheless, the spell works because of the bond of brotherly love that they have between them.
         After a few more moments of thought, Trystan had made up his mind: as soon as the books got returned to the College’s Arcaneum, he is going to pay Phinis Gestor a visit...
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