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Author Topic: BS: B - Review  (Read 391 times)


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BS: B - Review
« on: Sat, 05 Aug 2017 - 02:19:05 »
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  • Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    Overall score? 10/10
    Immersive? 9/10
    Enjoyable? 9/10
    Would install again? 10/10
    Would recommend? 10/10

    Ease of Install? 8/10 SSE
    Ease of Install: 5/10 LES
    Mod options (is the mod moddable?) 10/10

    This review is based on version 1.3.2 run in Skyrim Enhanced (SSE)

    This is a top notch mod. Lots of effort has gone into it. The graphics are good. It is extensive. Immersiveness doesn't get a full 10 because you have to worry about keeping your quests from bogging down and the odd graphic problems around the edges of the game. Enjoyablity doesn't get a full 10 because quests tend to be short and rather simplistic. On the other hand a sense of appropriate humor and ironical realism appears in them. Some quests end in ways that most players would not consider happy endings. Such is life.

    On SSE, I found BS:B easy to install, but you do need to read the directions and follow them. Some people have problems even if they read the directions. This is a massive mod and again such is life. The Legendary (LES) version is more complex to install since you will need to have memory patches or crash fixes (with memory management enabled), safe load, and ENBoost installed for the highest probability of success. Again read the directions, and in general for a stable LES game you should be using these mods anyway.

    There is no main quest in BS:B. There is moderate length quest chain to get a house, which you may not finish till about the same time you are finishing up BS:B. I was able to finish all but one quest, which is noted as bugged (Get the journal from Rock Creek Camp). Script lag, inpatients, and poor follower placing can interfere with quests. BS:B quests at time appear to be script heavy. If you are using other script heavy mods or many followers who may decide to run a dialog script this can cause problems. Followers may also interfere with the pathfinding ability of quest NPCs during critical periods. Another problem is being impatient and not allowing scripts time to run, or something causing quest NPC not to able to reach a marker. I did have reload on occasion and at times too leaving my followers was vital for success. When entering the house of the Bard in "The Screeching Bard", leave your followers outside. I also had to idle my followers during "The Way Home." When getting the journals in "The Courier" make sure followers are not using blast spells and don't use them yourself. You will also want to have quest markers on. The journals are easily lost. "A Delicate Situation" can be tricky and when talking to the Vilius after returning the amulet press E frequently so the script doesn't hang. This is a know problem, and this is one work around.

    Dungeon quality is uneven. Some appear to have been finished in a hurry to get the product out the door. That doesn't mean they are done badly, just there isn't much in them or there have (deliberate) insurmountable obstacles blocking your path. Other dungeons, especially ones where quests take place are extensive and the quests only utilize a small portion of them. BS:B dungeons are not easy to navigate as Bethesda dungeons and can be very confusing. You may not even know if you have explore all of them. One problem I had was that with ELFX Hardcore installed, dungeons became nightmarishly hard to find to find passages in. Some are small, well hidden, or in obscure locations including critical ones. Clairvoyance or at least the version I have didn't work. Quest markers don't appear for everything. There are no short cuts out either, so be prepared to retrace your foot step into the dungeon. The views in these dungeons can be impressive, exceeding anything in a Bethesda dungeon. Views of Frostspire Crag and Cloud Ruler Temple are a treat.

    Graphic are uneven though. There are some glaringly bad objects at times,for example the canvas tents with snow are dreadful. The bad objects are rare and tend to be at the edges of the game. Near the edges you will also find holes in the terrain leading into that weird land behind scenes. The one exception was at the top of the Cutters lair where I had trouble not walking out into the either.

    Speaking of the edges, even though you can see the Imperial City you can not reach it. Bruma is bounded by invisible walls and if you go beyond them you will find a dull, incomplete landscape. That is not a complaint because you shouldn't be there to begin with.

    This mod is well worth exploring. Don't fool yourself into waiting for the release of all of Cyrodill. Even if this happens, it will not be for years and you will be missing out on a lot.
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    Re: BS: B - Review
    « Reply #1 on: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 - 13:27:03 »
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  • Superb review, thank you!

    I am tempted to get this, but not until I have a lot of my quests out of the way, I haven't completed Dragonborn and not even started on Dawnguard yet, so I'd rather complete them before moving to an entirely new map methinks. (not even stepped on Solstheim for this playthrough yet, because I've been working on the Thieves Guild Questline, the Dark Brotherhood quest line and Mages questline to get in charge of all stated (I like being boss in a game when real life reality of being boss of anything is ... it's none existent - partially because I wouldn't want to be a boss anyway, my confidence is not of the nature to lead)

    *stops waffling*

    Thank you again for an awesome review, the mod owners/devs would be proud! :D
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