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Author Topic: Beautiful Drawings by J4H3AD  (Read 278 times)

Description: Drawings and backstory

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Beautiful Drawings by J4H3AD
« on: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 - 02:58:03 »
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  • Gorgeous drawings by our very own @J4H3AD

    He also emailed the backstory to put the images in context:

    Chapter 3: Serendipitous Meetings

    “I don’t see how a half ruined book is going to help the Bard’s College.” Kharjo said as they climbed out of the crypt.

    “Half a book is better than none.” Sahir replied.

    “If they needed it so badly, why didn’t they retrieve it themselves?” Kharjo complained, kicking a loose stone down into the valley below.

    “That is how every college does it.” J’zargo said. “The teachers at Winterhold had this one crossing all of Skyrim to fetch books. Perhaps they
    don’t know how to find them.”

    “Ah, but they always know where to find them, they just can’t be bothered to fetch them themselves.” Inigo replied. “I think maybe they send someone disposable so they don’t risk their own necks if they fail.”

    “This one thinks you are onto something.”

    “You wanted to join the Bard’s College, right Inigo?” Sahir asked.

    “Of course! Learning from the best bards in Skyrim would be a huge privilege!”

    “Joining a group like that often takes a lot of work, and a lot of time. I didn’t become one of the Circle overnight.”

    “You sort-of did.” Inigo stated. “Beat up a thug in Whiterun, track down an escaped prisoner by Rorikstead, clear out an old crypt with Farkas, and then you’re one of the most respected members of the Companions. The others have been trying for years to attain that!”

    “You miss my point, Inigo. But…” Sahir paused, noticing Kharjo’s head beginning to nod. “Are you alright Kharjo?”

    “I could do with a rest. We’ve been at this all night.”

    “We’ll find a place to strike camp as soon as we can.” Sahir said, slumping his shoulders. “I’m spent too.”

    Cheerful daylight was already streaming down into the valley before them. The entire night had been spent underground, and only now did the
    exhaustion catch up with them. They trudged down the hillside towards the river below, and Sahir noticed smoke from beyond a small outcropping. He motioned for everyone to get down and stay silent, then for Inigo to move up to the ridge to see what was below.

    Inigo slinked up the ridge, bow half drawn. At the top, he let out a relaxed sigh and shouldered his bow. “Just an old cabin. No bandits that I

    “Where’s the fire?” Sahir asked.

    “It looks like just a cooking fire. I see one man, unarmed. Unless you count a fishing pole as a weapon.”

    “Then let’s ask if we can strike camp near here.”

    The group hopped across the stream and towards the old shack. It was small and run down, with a short deck spanning from the door to the edge of the river. The waterfall behind it certainly made this a scenic location, though the damp air was cool for the Khajiits’ tastes.

    A man stood on the deck, as Inigo had said, with a fishing pole in hand. He called out to the group, “Greetin’s trav’lers! What brings ya here armed
    like that?”

    “We mean you no harm!” Sahir shouted, hands raised in a kind gesture.

    “We’re adventurers, looking for a place to camp for the night…” He looked up at the sky, and continued awkwardly, “Rather, for the day…”

    “Camp wherever you like” the Fisherman said. Sahir pointed out a knoll just beyond the cabin that looked suitable, and the group began unshouldering packs and digging out supplies.

    A Khajiit girl stepped out of the house, plate of food in hand. “Mr. Clearstone, I--” She froze at the sight of the four Khajiit armed to the
    teeth with bows, swords, axes, and the like. The plate of food clattered on the doorstep as the girl bolted inside with a sharp cry.

    “Did we scare her?” Kharjo asked.

    “Of course we did.” Inigo whispered.

    Sahir was frozen for a long moment, his brow furrowed.

    “Is there something wrong, friend?” Inigo asked.

    Stepping towards the shack (and ignoring Inigo) Sahir asked, “What’s the girl’s name? She reminds me of someone.”

    “She calls ‘erself Ma’isha.” the fisherman, Mr. Clearstone replied.

    “I have to speak with her.” Sahir said, rushing towards the house.

    “No offense mister, but you’ll only scare her worse bargin’ into the house armed like that.” He crossed his arms and stood in the doorway. “And by the looks o’ ya, I don’t think I wantcha in my house anyway. The lass said she ran away from some bandits. If you’re comin’ to get ‘er, you’ll have to go through me first.”

    “Bandits you say?” Sahir entreated. “Do you know what happened?”

    “Why should I tell you?” Clearstone said, raising his voice. “You come in ‘ere, bargin’ on my land, want’n to break into my house just to talk to a
    girl you used to know? I don’t think so.”

    Sahir noticed Ma’isha peeking around Mr. Clearstone, so he pulled back his hood. “Do you remember me, Ma’isha?”

    She seemed to brighten, “Mr. Sahir?” She pushed past Mr. Clesrstone and ran to the group, cheering “Mr. Sahir!” The two embraced for a few moments, and she said “I thought I'd never see you again!”

    “Neither did I!” Sahir replied. “How is your family?”

    Ma'isha’s smile disappeared. “They're… Gone.”

    Sahir closed his eyes for a moment, then asked, “Bandits?”

    She nodded, eyes beginning to well with tears. Sahir pulled her close again, and she leaned on his shoulder, crying quietly.

    “How do you know her?” Inigo asked.

    “I used to guard her parents’ trade caravan. They were some of the first people I knew after coming to Skyrim.” His expression deepened. “They are missed.” He turned to Mr. Clearstone, and asked “Has she said what happened?”

    “All I could get out of 'er was that bandits attacked, and she ran. She's been here for two fortnights, but it seems she's been runnin’ for a while
    longer’n that. So far no-one’s come for 'er, but maybe they just don't know where to look, or think she's not worth the trouble.”

    “Have you had problems with bandits before?”

    “I've got nothin’ of value, so no. And I'm far ‘nuff from the road nobody bothers comin’ this far. My problem is… Well, can I talk to ya privately?”

    “Sure.” He said to Ma'isha, “I need to go for a while. Can you stay with my friends until I come back?” She nodded, and Sahir pointed her towards
    Inigo. “I'm sure he has some stories you'd like to hear.”

    Mr. Clesrstone motioned for Sahir to follow him, so he did. Before going into the house, Sahir heard Ma'isha and Inigo talking. “Why are you blue?”

    “Well, why are you grey?”

    “What kind of question is that?” she laughed. "I was born this way!”

    “So was I! Except I was born under a strange moon, long ago in Elsewyre….”

    Mr. Clesrstone closed the door behind them, and began. “Like I said before, Little Ma’isha showed up here a few weeks ago. I didn’t mind, since she was down on ‘er luck and willin’ to help ‘round the shack. She’s got the nimblest li’l fingers I’ve ever seen, and she can tie knots for fishin’
    quicker’n I ever could. She is really helpful, and she’s good company… But…”

    “There are problems?”

    “Well y’see, fishin’ and crabbin’ gets me by, but there’s never much to spare. Now that I have two mouths to feed, I’m startin’ to run out of
    options. Sometimes I skip meals just to feed the lass. I try to hide it, and make sure she’s fed, but I’m afraid the fish’ve all but run out. I’ve
    hardly got a catch all day, and it’s been like this for a week. Our stock of food is almost gone.” He shook his head. “I could never bare to see ‘er
    starve. But I can’t keep taking care of ‘er, not here. And after all this time in my old shack, fishin’ on the Jarl’s land, I don’t dare show my face
    in town. I’ll be arrested for sure! Besides, I think it’d be best if she went with some of ‘er own kind, if y’ take my meaning. She seems so lonely
    out here, and she knows you.” He chuckled, “she's got me beat right there. I ain't had a friend in years, but that's besides the point.” He grew
    serious once again. “About Ma'isha… I don't know what I can do ‘ceptin’ send 'er with you. ‘Tisn't like I've got any other options right now
    either.” He clapped a hand on Sahir’s shoulder and pleaded, “Can’t you do somethin’? Anythin’?”

    Sahir stood for several moments in silence, hand on his chin, contemplating. Finally, he said, “I don't know how much we can do either. Our line of work gets… dangerous. I can't bring a child along fighting dragons or clearing bandits. If she was hurt, I could never live with myself.”

    “But you could take 'er with ya, ‘til you find another caravan to take ‘er, or someone else willin’ to help, couldn't you?” He pleaded, “Help ‘er,
    please! I can't bare to see ‘er starve. And by the looks o’ ya, you couldn't either.”

    “You're right. I must do something.” He thought for a moment more, and said “I can take her to Whiterun. Caravans travel through often enough that it's the best place to find her a new family.  But I won't take her on foot. The road is dangerous enough, and the journey would take far too long.”

    “What will ya do then?”

    “We'll come back with horses. Can you keep her for another… four days?”

    “I don't know if the food’ll last” he said, scratching his head absently.

    “If we hunted game in the area, brought down a deer or elk, could you hold out that long?”

    “I think I can do that.” Clesrstone smiled. “I think ya need to tell ‘er yer plan. Make sure she's alright.”

    “And sometime I need to get some rest! But we'll take care of important things first.”

    Chapter 4: A Young Warrior

    Sahir stepped out of Mr. Clearstone’s shack into the late-morning sunlight. The others already had a camp set up, complete with a cooking fire and a small stack of firewood. Kharjo sat on a stone next to the fire stirring some kind of stew in the cooking pot. J’zargo could be seen rummaging through his gear just inside the tent.

    “Where’s Ma’isha?” Sahir asked.

    “Just over there with Inigo.” Kharjo said, gesturing across the stream from the cabin. “He seems to have cheered her up.”

    Sahir thanked him and crossed the stream. Not far off, Inigo was sitting on a log with Ma'isha on his lap, Inigo the Brave in his hand.

    “Inigo looked up, and saw a troll close by! What do we do?”

    “Fight the troll!” Ma'isha bubbled.

    Inigo started to read, but noticed Sahir and paused. “Ah, Mr. Sahir is here to see us.” He said. “What do you need, friend?”

    “I wanted to talk to Ma’isha about some things. Is that alright with you?”

    “I guess so.” She said. “But I wanted to finish the story!”

    “We can keep reading Inigo the Brave later. I think Mr. Sahir has something important to say.”

    Sahir knelt down in front of Ma’isha, and asked. “Is it alright if I ask about your parents?” She nodded. “Can you tell me what happened?”

    “We were riding a carriage out of a village with walls and towers. I don’t remember what the name was. It sounded like… Ill-gain. It made me laugh.” She chuckled.


    “Yeah, that was it!”

    “Were you there when there was the dragon?”

    “No… I never saw a dragon.”

    “So what happened.”

    “Well… On the road…” She started to look uncomfortable. “They came from the woods, and told Papa they wanted all our money.”

    “Bandits?” Sahir asked. She nodded. “Did you see what happened?”

    “Mama grabbed me and ran. I heard Papa yelling at the bad men, and Miss Sabani too. I saw some fighting, but Mama told me to close my eyes.”
    Ma’isha choked. “Then Mama tripped, and dropped me.” Tears were streaming down her face. “She was bleeding. I wanted to help! But she told me to run!” She started crying uncontrollably. Sahir put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, and she got up from Inigo’s lap and embraced him, weeping. “I should have helped!” She said through her tears. “I should have helped, but I ran! I was so scared!”

    Sahir held her close. “Shh. It’s not your fault. You were doing what you were told.”

    “But what if Mama was wrong!”

    “You would have--” Sahir snapped, but caught himself, continuing gently. “You would have been hurt too. You did what Mama knew was best for you.”

    After a few minutes, Sahir sat on the log with her, and she calmed down. “What did you do after you ran? Helgen is a long way away from here.”

    “I ran to the gates and pounded on them for help. Someone let me in, but nobody else noticed me. There were lots of soldiers, so I went to the one who looked most important and asked him for help. He told me he would send some soldiers out to help my family, and then he put me in a house with an old lady for a while.” She fiddled with her fingers, and went on. “A while later the soldiers came back, and I heard them talking to the main soldier. The old lady was trying to keep me busy, but I listened through the door. They said…” She sniffed. “They said there were no survivors.”

    “How did you get all the way here?”

    “The soldiers were all busy and didn’t have time for me. The old lady kept me for a few days, but said I was a thief and made me leave.”

    “Were you?”

    “I just ate a sweetroll…”

    Inigo smirked. “Sweetrolls are too irresistible. If one was left in a house I stayed in, it might just… Disappear…” Everyone laughed.

    “After that, I just found whatever food I could and spent the night under a tree next to the wall. The next day the soldiers made me go with another trade caravan that came through. But that one was all Men, not Khajiit.”

    “Did they treat you well?” Sahir asked.

    “The dark skinned lady wanted to help me, but the others didn’t like it. They finally agreed to let me stay with them for a while. The lady was
    really nice. She seemed to understand people not liking her a lot, so we got along really well. But then… We were coming back from the town with the dragon bridge, and--” She started tearing up again. “It’s all my fault! All my friends get hurt!”

    “It’s not your fault. Misfortune falls on everyone.”

    “But what if I’m the reason people have misfortune?”

    “Put that thought out of your mind.” Sahir consoled. “It may seem that way, but the Divines would never allow that to happen.” Sahir paused for a moment, then dug in his pack and took out a small circular amulet. “Take this amulet of Zenithar, it will bring you good luck, and good luck to
    everyone around you.”

    “T-thank you.” She took it in both hands and looked hard at it for a few moments. “Why does it have an anvil on it?”

    “Zenithar is the Divine of hard work, wealth and trade.” He smiled. “Didn’t you want to become a trader like Ra’Sh-- like Papa-- when you grow up?”

    “Actually I want to be a warrior like you and Miss Sabani. When I’m strong enough.”

    “Are you sure? It’s dangerous.”

    Her expression hardened. “I don’t want my friends to ever be hurt again.”

    Inigo and Sahir both stared in amazement. “That’s very noble of you” Sahir said. “You have spirit. Maybe someday you’ll be strong enough.”

    “Thanks.” She said quietly. “I wish I could be strong now though.”

    Inigo pointed out, “You made it to Helgen, yes?” She nodded. “And you stood up for yourself to those men in the caravan?”


    “And you made it from Dragon Bridge here?”

    “Actually it was a mile or two down the road when the… when the bad men found us.”

    Inigo looked shocked. “AND you were able to escape bandits?! I don't know about you Sahir, but I think she's stronger than she gives herself credit. No ordinary girl could get this far in one piece.”

    “Yes,” Sahir agreed. “You've always been strong. I used to be too preoccupied with adventuring to notice.”

    “You really think so?”

    “Of course I do! Remember that time when you helped me with frostbite by rubbing fire salts into it? Nobody I know had thought of that before. And now I use that trick every time I get frostbite. Or how about the time when you killed a spider for me?”

    “We're you too afraid to kill a spider, Sahir?” Inigo asked.

    “No, I was busy killing some others, but one got behind me. Ma'isha dropped down from the tree she was hiding in and stabbed it through the eye!”

    “Really?” Inigo asked. “Were you afraid?”

    “Yeah.” she replied.

    “But you did it anyway. You really are a warrior in the making!”

    “Then why couldn't I do anything for my family and my friends?” She started to cry again.

    “Shh, it's not your fault. Nobody your age could fight off bandits. You did absolutely the right thing.”

    “But why does it hurt so much?”

    Sahir though for a moment. “Does it hurt when you stumble on a rock?” She nodded. “Does it hurt when you crush your hand with a hammer?” She nodded. “Does it hurt when you prick your finger on a thorn?” She nodded. “Being strong doesn't mean you don’t feel pain. It just means you keep going in spite of pain. Any other girl I know that's your age would have quit long ago, but you keep going.”

    “But it's so hard!”

    “It is. But you don't have to overcome everything by yourself. I'll be here for you.”

    Ma'isha brightened. “Does that mean you're taking me with you?”

    “We need to go back to Whiterun to bring our horses. But we will come back. You have my word.”

    “But what if you don't come? What will I do?”

    “He gave you his word. Is that good enough for you?” Inigo said reassuringly. “Mr. Sahir always keeps his word. Even if it means fighting a
    hundred dragons or a thousand bandits.”

    “A hundred dragons?!”

    “I would slay every dragon I see if that is what it takes.” Ma'isha hugged him. “Thank you so much!”

    Sahir held her close for a few minutes, and then said, "You know, Mr. Inigo and I still need to sleep. We never went to bed last night."

    She wagged a finger at him "Staying up past your bedtime... After you come back, I'll be sure to make you behave." The three of them laughed as they walked back towards the camp.
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    Re: Beautiful Drawings by J4H3AD
    « Reply #1 on: Sat, 22 Jul 2017 - 03:38:03 »
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  • Very cool
    And did our laughter, did our tears have some purpose after all?
    Did we toil in vain in hopes that wisdom came from what we'd done?
    Even lands we once called home lie undiscovered and unknown
    Only heaven's silence for an answer

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    Re: Beautiful Drawings by J4H3AD
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  • It only took me a month to get back on the Forum and actually find this. Thanks very much for sharing this!

    I need to break down and actually do some more writing on this project, I've just been distracted by a lot of non-canon side stories and later chapters. There's a lot more to do! And Sahir and Inigo's stories are far from over!

    If I can figure out how to post on the forums, I might begin publishing here first, and then linking to them on Facebook, especially since you can actually do formatting on here. Again, thanks for sharing!
    Good Luck, and Good Hunting.

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    Re: Beautiful Drawings by J4H3AD
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  •  :sign0151:
    It only took me a month to get back on the Forum and actually find this. Thanks very much for sharing this!

    I need to break down and actually do some more writing on this project, I've just been distracted by a lot of non-canon side stories and later chapters. There's a lot more to do! And Sahir and Inigo's stories are far from over!

    If I can figure out how to post on the forums, I might begin publishing here first, and then linking to them on Facebook, especially since you can actually do formatting on here. Again, thanks for sharing!

    Let me know if you decide to and I'll give you your own section to moderate :) (in the stories section you'll notice each member has their own board for their stories)
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