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« Last post by oyyo on Today at 01:22:28 »
to just woke up from a nap, and had a neat dream about skyrim I thought might be interesting.

I was chopping wood for someone, and this guy was mocking my character as I did it, commenting on how I was useless/he'd get such a good deal out of the wood before going back inside, leaving me chopping wood in the rain.

I ran out of wood, and went to go get more from the pile, when I saw something glimmering in the forest. I went after it and found something glowing a deep purple. It was almost like a gemstone, but it looked more like petrified wood.

Something rustled in the distance and I looked, seeing a faintly humanoid figure. I started following it, and as I did it led me to more of these glowing purple pieces of petrified wood, which I kept collecting and putting in my pockets. With every one I could see the figure in greater detail, and realized she was a spriggan, just as she led me into an old, torn down castle made from dark stone, darker than I'd ever seen in skyrim. More glowing caught my attention, and I turned to look at it...

And realized I was the one glowing, the purple color showing from under my skin.

Then I woke up. :(

But it was neat. I'm imagining it to be like, the spriggan version of the fae leading the player character off into fae world. If I ever learn how to code, it could be a fun quest to make.
Colin's Clips! / Inigo saves my hide
« Last post by Colin Burton on Yesterday at 22:22:55 »
Colin's Clips! / Septimus Signus’ outpost
« Last post by Colin Burton on Yesterday at 22:13:28 »
Chronicles of Ishmael / Chronicles of Ishmael, Part 7.5
« Last post by Onichu on Yesterday at 20:17:43 »
Dear Diary,
     I just made perhaps the stupidest decision of my life. I don’t know what I was thinking, if I was thinking at all. More than a week ago, some fellow named Isidor charged into Whiterun, brandishing his weapon like a madman. The guards cut him down before he could go more than five feet into the city.
     He had a note in his pocket. The note said that the entrance to some “fresh ruins” in the Velothi Mountains got uncovered by a landslide, and that Isidor should get some good equipment fast and get back to his friend.
     This was more than a week ago, mind you; those ruins probably were not really “fresh” when I finally decided to check them out myself today.
     If I was thinking properly, I would never have opened that door. I saw that the earth above the entrance was threatening to come down. I knew that the entrance would become blocked as soon as I went in. As far as I knew, the only reason to head in there at all was to satisfy my curiosity. But I did it anyway. Now, Vilja’s trapped outside while I’m trapped in here. She must be worried sick. At least Vilja is free to do what she needs to with that bottle of hers, even though I’m not able to help at all now.
     I suppose it’s not all bad, though. I did have quite a hair-raising experience inside those tunnels; unlike Shroud Hearth Barrow, the tunnels that I went through in the Velothi mountains definitely ARE haunted! That ghost woman was NOT natural, I’m sure of it!
     Just thinking about that ghost makes my hair stand on end.
     But like I said, it could definitely be worse. At the other end of those tunnels, I found the fanciest house I have ever seen! I don’t think the style is Cyrodiilic (or at least not in this current time—the last entry of a journal I found in the tunnels was written roughly 170 years ago, and it talked about this very same house), but whoever built this place had the genius idea to integrate dwemer technology into the design!
     Moreover, I am not alone in this place! Then again, I wasn’t exactly alone in those tunnels either, but at least the people who are letting me stay here in Clockwork Castle are friendly enough. It is probably worth mentioning, though, that these people are actually mechanical for the most part. They do have bones, but everything else about them is mechanical.
     Now, there is actually another way out of this valley that Clockwork Castle is situated in that does not involve going through tunnels that are now collapsed. This way out is called the Travel Machine, which is in the castle’s basement. Unfortunately, the Travel Machine—and almost every other machine here, for that matter—is currently nonfunctional because one of the tremors from Red Mountain ruptured the main steam pipeline under the castle. Lahar tried fixing the pipes before, but he was driven out by the rest of his kind—the Gilded—before he could finish the job.
     So, I guess that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next day or so, aside from learning as much as I can about Clockwork Castle. Lahar was not able to fend off his crazed brethren down in Nurndural, but I have a much better chance, I think. All I’ll need to do is find some replacement sections of pipe, put them in place, and knock down anything that tries to stop me.
     I hope I don’t run out of food here before the Travel Machine is reactivated.
     On second thought, I don’t have to worry about food at all. I’ve lost count of the number of carcasses that I stuffed down this magic satchel of mine, so if they’ve not all gone rotten, I should have enough meat to last me several months at least! The cold should definitely help with the preservation part!

Chronicles of Ishmael / Chronicles of Ishmael, Part 7
« Last post by Onichu on Yesterday at 20:10:40 »
     “Vilja!” Ishmael shouted as the dust began to settle after the tunnel’s entrance collapsed.
     A residual cloud of dust fell upon him, causing him a fit of coughing. As he regained his breath, he shouted again: “Viljaaa!!”
     In his desperation, Ishmael then took out his pickaxe and began swinging it with all his might at the boulders that separated him from his dearest friend on the other side. But for all the adrenaline pumping through his veins, for all the effort he put into the dig, Ishmael could hardly make any progress at all in clearing out the blockage.
     Why did I have to do this? he thought. Why did I have to investigate this ruin when Vilja and I have so many other things to take care of? I knew the entrance would collapse as soon as I burst through that door, and yet I did it anyway. I should have just ignored that note. Fool! You crazy, stubborn fool!
     Dismayed and hopeless, Ishmael finally turned away from the rubble and looked down the hall. At the first bend, a note was pinned by an iron arrow to a rough wooden plank that leaned against the wall. It read:
"Isidor –

Got sick of waiting for you. I’ve gone on ahead to scout the tunnels. I’ll put up some torches to light the way; pick up your feet and follow them to me.

I mean it: hurry up. I want to see your fingers stained from finding this note with the ink still wet. Something in this place makes my hair stand on end; it’s as if the shadows are moving


     Not much further past that bend, the tunnel opened up into a moderately spacious room. From the balcony that led further in, a woman looked down upon Ishmael. Upon closer inspection, Ishmael saw that the woman was pale in both skin and dress, with simple, dark markings beneath her eyes and mouth.
     “Er,... hello?” Ishmael asked aloud.
     No response.
     Louder: “Hello?”
     No response. The woman simply stared, unblinking.
     “Well, uh, don’t mind me. I’m... just a scavenger...”
     As it was, there was very little in the room worth scavenging—just a couple coins and scraps of leather. The woman looked on as Ishmael picked through the room.
    But as Ishmael ascended the stairs to where the woman was, she was nowhere to be seen, not a sound of her departure to be heard.
     “Huh. Must be light footed. Light footed and fast.”
. . . . .
So in this we tried a little experiment - can Inigo get into the Mad God quest? The answer is yes, but it's ... complicated. Episode 214 of Skyrim Modded. Mods are posted in the sticky post above. Enjoy!
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Chronicles of Ishmael / Chronicles of Ishmael, Part 6
« Last post by Onichu on Yesterday at 03:45:08 »
Dear Diary,
     I hope this whole “wild flute chase” is going to end tonight. I’ve had enough of it already. I’m also feeling really nervous about my meeting with Halvdan. I’ve faced down much larger things with increasing confidence, but...
     I guess part of my worry is for Vilja’s sake. She’s worried about what might happen, and so I am worried. Logically, I should be able to stand a chance if he and I come to blows. He may be stronger, but I have spells and Shouts to counteract this. My gut, however, is less confident.
     I need to take my mind off this for a bit, this midnight meeting. I did do a little exploring in a dwemer storeroom several hours ago, some distance north of Riften. I found several chunks of this glowing blue ore inside. Despite the ratio of rock-to-crystal, the ore is actually rather lightweight! Given the description that I found in a book I found not long beforehand, I am sure this mineral is called aetherium. According to the book, aetherium is impossible to work with at a normal forge, but the dwemer managed to construct a special forge that lets them work with it anyway. I’m adding the Aetherium Forge to the list of ancient forges to check out.
     I need to get some rest. I need to calm myself. I need to get Vilja’s flute back.


. . . . .

Dear Diary,
     That went better than I expected. Halvdan may be a vile and thick person, but a generous sum of gold was enough to resolve the situation without bloodshed. Vilja, of course, is utterly delighted to have her flute back! And might I add that she has some skills with that flute! Kinda makes me want to go over to Solstheim myself and listen to the traditional songs there!
     Now, I can rest easy. Not that “eternal sleep”, mind you, but the kind that people wake up from in the morning on a regular basis.

Colin's Clips! / Inigo in the Ragged Flagon with Mr Dragonfly
« Last post by Colin Burton on Yesterday at 02:55:57 »
Chronicles of Ishmael / Chronicles of Ishmael, Part 5
« Last post by Onichu on Thu, 19 Oct 2017 - 20:09:19 »
Dear Diary,
     Remind me: how did I go from helping tend a farm and collecting rocks to killing everything that gets in my way? The contrast between my current life and my previous one is baffling.
     This morning didn’t start off too well. A vampire and a couple of his thralls went on a little rampage through Ivarstead, you see. A couple people died as a result. It’s not the most eloquent way to say it, I know, but fancy writing isn’t one of my strongsuits. Besides, I’m tired.
     The rest of the day was much more productive, however. Lydia, Vilja and I put down not one, but TWO more dragons today! Add the one that attacked Ivarstead the night before yesterday, and that would be three dragons that I helped kill since the attack at Whiterun’s western watchtower!
     Oh, and we three also investigated the barrow on the edge of town. It turns out that, contrary to Wilhelm’s belief, it was NOT haunted. Not exactly, anyway. There were no ghosts so much as draugr and reanimated skeletons, and the ghost we DID see was actually a living dark elf who created a special little potion that made him look the part! Crazy, right?
     But that’s not all! While picking through a nearby cave—a bear’s den, really—I found the biggest gemstone I have ever seen! It was white and round, like a multifaceted crystalline boulder. But here’s the thing: when I picked it up, some otherworldly voice started talking to me, telling me to take it back up to Mt. Kilkreath. Apparently, there’s a “foul darkness” that the speaker wants me to destroy in her temple.
     I don’t know if either Vilja or Lydia heard the voice, or if I’m just going downright crazy. I suppose it wouldn’t be anything new if I was, since my family is practically full of people who are crazy to some degree or other. (If you want a good idea as to what I’m talking about here, just talk to my Uncle Rusty.)
     Last but not least, I decided to join up with the Companions tonight. Before I walked into their mead hall, Jorrvaskr, I was a little uncertain if they would take an Imperial like me, but then I saw the dark elf in there. If a group of Nord warriors in their native home will let an elf join, then...
     Anyway, it’s almost midnight, and I’m tired. I got my first job to do tomorrow. Bandits out in the tundra, according to Farkas.
     I wonder if Eorlund will let me be his assistant, or even let me use the Skyforge itself. Unlikely.
     I’m also still curious about this special metal I found up at High Hrothgar. It has similar properties to steel, but magical in some way. Perhaps blessed by Akatosh himself?

Colin's Clips! / Mister Dragonfly In Riften
« Last post by Colin Burton on Thu, 19 Oct 2017 - 19:39:25 »
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