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Author Topic: Chapter 48  (Read 47 times)


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Chapter 48
« on: Mon, 04 Dec 2017 - 03:37:53 »
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  •      Trystan contemplated the robes, boots, and gloves on the floor before him the following morning. In his hands was a scroll unlike any other: it was made of dragon skin without the scales, with runes in the dragon tongue written upon it.
         He found this garb among the ashes of the dragon priest known as Morokei, previous wielder of the Staff of Magnus. And no matter how hard he tried, Trystan could not don the priest’s garment.
         Now though, as he readied the magic contained within the scroll, Trystan had a feeling this was about to change. A blast of white light issued forth from his hand and engulfed the gloves he was aiming at. Unsure of whether the spell did anything, Trystan tentatively picked the gloves up and slipped them on; the curse that was once upon them had been dispelled!
         Encouraged by this minor victory, he pulled two more scrolls out of his satchel and cast their magic upon the robes and boots before him. Before long, Trystan looked as though he were a dragon priest himself—aside from the addition of his fur cloak, backpack, and belt pouches, of course!
    . . . . .
         Langley’s cabin came into view not far from Snowpoint Beacon. Trystan regretted not spending very much time there during his first visit, when he, Serana, and Inigo were searching out the source of Inigo’s mind vibrations. Langley did seem an interesting fellow after all, and Trystan wished to learn a little more about the man.
         And so it was that late into the afternoon, the threesome were greeted by Langley Longseer into his humble, art-covered abode. Immediately, Inigo’s gaze was drawn to the indoor balcony above the hermit’s bed; he ran up the makeshift stairs, Trystan at his heels. It was quite crowded even with just two people up there, but the bedroll besides the bed was evidence that Langley put an appreciable amount of thought and consideration into his renovations.
         Once the old seer laid plain the rules of the house to Inigo, the visitors made themselves at home. In the course of the remainder of the day, Trystan was able to chat with Langley for a fair bit, learning about his paintings and of his tutelage under a certain Barton Barrius (a pyromancer and pyromaniac, incidentally). Inigo, meanwhile, wrote a number of long-overdue entries in his diary; the khajiit, purposefully or not, spoke aloud to himself as he wrote, and what Inigo said reminded Trystan that he was not the only one in the partnership who was impacted positively because of it—Trystan was not the only one who needed healing.
    . . . . .
         “Inigo! It’s for you!” Langley announced as Trystan and Serana stepped back into the cabin that night.
         Inigo got up from his seat at the table. “So, how did it go?” he asked his companions.
         “Productively,” Trystan replied as he warmed himself by the fireplace. “Serana thinks I’m now more than ready for Adept Conjuration spells.”
         “Already?!” Inigo exclaimed. “I tell you, I can see you becoming a Master within a month if you keep this up!”
         Trystan smiled. “Perhaps. It’ll probably depend on how often we have days like this, when I can practice for hours on end. Then again, I still might be able to get it all in on the road if I make it a point to do so every single time something wants to kill us!”
         Inigo roared with laughter at this, and Trystan and Serana followed suit—seldom it is that a single day will go by without the group running into something or someone that takes offense at their presence.
         “Quiet down, you lot!” Langley shouted from in front of the fireplace, cutting off the group’s boisterous laughter. Still chuckling, Inigo sat himself down at Langley’s desk to write, leaving Trystan and Serana to relax as the night drew on.
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