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Author Topic: Sjel Blad Castle  (Read 31 times)

Description: Special Edition by Soulbladex (also available on "oldrim" - link in post)

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Sjel Blad Castle
« on: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 - 18:17:47 »
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  • Overall score? 10/10
    Immersive? 7/10 (based on it looking very similar to the Dawnguard style of castle) I think unless you envision yourself as a Jarl, and have millions in your bank, then this castle is not going to be immersive, it is HUGE and there are OODLES of NPC's working for you/with you and... you'd have to have taken on the Emperor's role to find this place totally immersive. The actual building and everything in it is immersive, but as for YOU owning it? Not quite. Unless you were born in to the family that owned it of course.
    Non-immersive? 10/10 (based on the above comments and view I give this a 10/10 for a non-immersive place to live.)
    Enjoyable? 10/10
    Would install again? 10/10
    Would recommend? 10/10

    For Player Home Mods:
    • Storage? 8/10
    would give it 10 if it had General Stores capability. Haven't tried it yet, so don't know whether the crafting stations are linked to storage, if they're not - they sure need to be with the size of this place!
    • Crafting? 10/10 or 7/10
    10/10 if crafting is linked 7/10 if not because the place is so huge you'd have to travel between storage and crafting stations which would be very awkward.
    • Gear creation? (armour/weapons etc) 10/10
    • Ease of finding each room/area? 6/10
    This is probably not a fair score considering I get lost in the space of a postage stamp
    • Companion space? 10/10
    • 6 beds for children? 10/10
    • Hearthfire inspired? 8/10
    • Themed? 10/10
    Dawnguard looking.
    • Believable or completely non-immersive? 10/10
    Believable based on Dawnguard being the model idea, non-immersive unless one imagines one's character as being super super rich.

    Ease of Install? 10/10
    Using a mod manager? 10/10
    Mod options (is the mod moddable?) 10/10 Soooo many options to choose! :)

    For companion mods:
    This is going to take forever to score, there are literally scores of companions in the Companions Lounge, it would take me days to go through them all and score them. The dog companion (husky looking one) I tried constantly walked in my way and it's so big you cannot just jump over it, when it lies down in front of you you've had it until it moves again. It would definitely repeatedly push you off cliffs and such.

    In this mod and this mod alone, in the castle when Inigo finally caught up with me he would proper bump into me moving me many steps, I believe if I was looking at the edge of a cliff or something, I'd be pushed over for sure. No other area or mod does this to Inigo so I know it's not Inigo.

    • Is the companion believable? /10
    • Is the companion remotely annoying? /10
    • Has the mod author done their best for this companion? /10
    • Is the voice acting good, or totally out of character? /10
    • Is it "just another follower mod? /10
    • Does the mod stand out from all the rest? 10/10

    I only installed this mod last night so I am going to do a quick review now, and then a more thorough expansion of this review when I have played it more.

    Oh Em Gee, this is BY FAR the joint best of all the player homes FOR ME. Joint is Clockwork. It's mahoosive, it ticks all my boxes and I spent literally 2 hours just walking around and discovering everything and getting the NPCs to do stuff for me last night.

    The childrens' room OH MY it's amazeballs, cannot wait to see this area finished! LOVE the ship over the "aquarium" idea, any child would have a field day in this place!

    If it would incorporate Draco's General Stores this would definitely become THE best ever ever player home for me. Just wow!

    That view over the vale below, just wow. I was trying desperately to get Inigo to stand on the edge, or at least in shot so I could have my new amazing screenshot but he didn't like it.

    There's a few navmesh issues where companions (both JZ'argo AND Inigo) struggled to keep up in many areas, but I'm sure they can be ironed out.

    I think if I told Inigo to relax in this Castle, I would have to use his map marker to find him again, or use his summon when I was ready to set off again - seriously the place is so huge I lose myself in it. Perhaps this is where Inigo's fleas are hiding? hahah (only joking)

    I am going to try and do a video review of the place when I'm a bit better because I think you guys would have to see it through my eyes to truly appreciate what I mean when I think this place is just the bees knees!

    NOTE: It would only be perfect for you if you want in on some of the action of the Jarls, you want your own castle with LOTS of NPCs working for you, and you wish to feel like a Jarl when you go to bed at night. If you prefer cosy cottages with menial supplies, this mod is NOT for you. It is a lavish lifestyle style player home. One you would have if you won the lottery. Three times over :D Or perhaps if you took on the role of Emperor.

    Mod features according to the mod page:

    In-house teleportation system - Travel to any area of the player home with ease
    Item Auto-Sorting - Place your items in the Void Storage and auto-sort them to their respective chests/containers throughout the castle with one click
    Auto-Storage/Retrieval - Store/remove all items from a chest or container with one click, or by preset amounts (1, 5, and 10)
    Void Storage - A cloud storage system with receptacle points in every major room of the castle, along with a purchasable spell that conjures a portal in the game world allowing the player to access the Void Storage from anywhere. Say goodbye to over-encumbrance!
    Customization Chamber - Allows the player to turn "on" or "off" certain options and/or features around the castle including Faction Banners, Faction-based Guards, Bed/Coffin, Bed/Drapery Color, Barrack Companions, Ceilings/Roofs, Windows/Skylights, Throne options, Doors, certain NPCs, Special Effects (to help with PC performance), and more!
    Castle Servants - Trade-skill workers to do your bidding including an Alchemist, Angler, Armorsmith, Artificer, Bowyer, Brewer/Winemaker, Chef, Daywalker, Farmer, Fletcher, Forager, Hunter, Jewelcrafter, Metalsmith, Miner, Scribe, Staffcrafter, Tailor, and Trapper
    Hall of Ascension - Allows the player to upgrade their character's base stats (Health/Magicka/Stamina), Crafting Skills, Damage/Skill Modifiers, and Physical Appearance/Sex/Race
    Trophaeum (Trophy Room) - Allows the player to assemble Creature and Dragonslaying based trophies. Once assembled, Dragonslayer Trophies allow the player to summon the soul of a defeated dragon in combat. Also, the player can earn Kill Trophies which will grant access to features in the Hall of Ascension
    Forge - Anvil, Smelter, Sharpening Wheel, Workbench, Tanning Rack, Mine, customized storage, two trade-based vendors, and optional Spider Imbuing Chamber. Also, the new Metalsmith servant gives the player access to Item Smelting, which allows the player to breakdown weapons and armor to their base raw metal and turn them into ingots....or Ore Transmutation which allows the player to convert metal ores into other ores
    Sanctuary - Alchemy, Enchanting, and Staff Enchanting work areas complete with customized storage, as well as numerous bookshelves (holding over 400+ books / 2500+ with the optional second floor), two trade-based vendors (Alchemy/Enchanting), and an optional Atronach Forge
    Barracks - 20+ Companions/Followers based on the Oblivion Character Classes. Archery Range, and Sparring Pit
    Sparring Pit (Barracks) - Allows the player to test their skills against a variety of opponents in a free-for-all environment while earning rewards
    Armory - 80+ Mannequins and 500+ Weapon Plaques/Displays
    Sanctum of War - Personal storage for weapons and armor
    Vault - Dragon Priest Mask, Black Book, and Aedric/Daedric Artifact displays. Also includes the Dynamic Treasure Hoard feature which changes the appearance of the 3 main treasure pits based on the amount of gold deposited and grants rewards if a certain amount of wealth is accumulated
    Living Quarters - Sleeping area, clothing storage, and balcony
    Lair - 100+ Creature Companions/Followers
    Stables - 30+ purchasable Creature Mounts. Conjure Mount spell available to instantly summon your mount to your side
    Waygates - Allows the player to travel to any major city including Raven Rock, Fort Dawnguard, and Volkihar Castle
    Kitchen - Cooking Pots, food and drink-based custom storage, and trade-based vendor
    Exterior Towers - Beautiful views on the Skyrim landscape

    Just perfect.

    The only downside for some (not for me) is that you MUST have the DLC as a lot of the castle is based on Dawnguard and Dragonborn items.

    So yeah, I HIGHLY recommend even just trying this mod.

    Link to Oldrim version! :)
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