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Author Topic: Chapter 30  (Read 84 times)


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Chapter 30
« on: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 - 02:27:52 »
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  •       If Inigo believed that Windhelm was where dreams went to die, he might have changed his mind had he been able to enter the Soul Cairn. The hopeless souls of the dead wandered everywhere in eternal dusk amidst a most dreary graveyard that was expansive enough to cover all of Nirn, and the air lacked any sense of warmth; it’s not the life-threatening cold that the Pale or northern Eastmarch possess, but those who go in unprepared for any extended period of time would surely suffer nonetheless.
         But way off in the distance, what appeared to be a great fortress loomed ahead. Without any other clues to follow concerning Valerica’s whereabouts, Trystan and Serana head off in that direction.
         To their delight, their hunch led them true: amidst the great black structure was Serana’s self-exiled mother!
         Valerica, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic to see them—seeing Serana there caused her to jump to the conclusion that Harkon had figured out how to fulfill that prophecy of his, while seeing the Dawnguard’s emblem on Trystan’s sword caused her to treat him with utmost hostility and distrust. But in the end, Serana was able to convince her mother that Trystan could indeed be trusted, and that it was better at this point to switch to a more offensive tactic with regards to preventing Harkon’s fulfillment of the prophecy (which Valerica referred to as “The Tyranny of the Sun”).
         There was, however, a small problem: though Valerica did indeed have her Elder Scroll with her, an impenetrable barrier that surrounded the ruins she was in separated her from Serana and Trystan. But a small problem it was nonetheless, for the barrier was being maintained by three powerful guardians known as Keepers; without them, the barrier would surely dissipate.
         And dissipate it did! The Keepers and their oily-black skeletal minions were no match for Trystan and Serana, and so they fell one by one! With the barrier gone, Valerica led them into the ruins, where the Elder Scroll was being kept.
         But obtaining the Scroll would have to wait, for the dragon that Valerica mentioned, Durnehviir, had taken notice of his Keepers’ fall. Taking him down was no mean feat, for he had integrated necromancy into his Thu’um so that he could raise literal armies of the undead to fight for him!
         Focus, Trystan told himself as the battle raged. It pained him to see Serana and Valerica contend with Durnehviir’s multitude of minions with little to no help from him, but Trystan realized that the battle would eventually exhaust them all if he spent all his energy helping his friends deal with the immediate problem instead of directing his fire at the dragon that was causing it.
         And so it was that the battle ended quickly once Trystan, lacking sleep though he was, made up his mind to focus his fiery bombardment at Durnehviir. And though he was indeed relieved that the undead army fell when its captain did, he could not help but notice that he did not absorb Durnehviir’s soul when he died.
         Nevertheless, this did not matter much, for the important thing was that Valerica was now able to give her Elder Scroll to Serana and Trystan, thus leaving only one more to find!
    . . . . .
         Trystan’s mind had plenty to ponder as he and Serana returned to Mundus from the Soul Cairn, his soul having been restored after he found the gem that contained the portion that had been given to the Ideal Masters. What troubled him was that the blood of either Serana or Valerica would have to be spilt in order for Harkon to fulfill his prophecy, The Tyranny of the Sun; even before Valerica made him promise to her that he would keep Serana safe, he made the same promise to himself once he learned of Serana’s possible sacrifice. But this was not all: this road to the thwarting of Harkon’s insane plan to put out the sun would inevitably result in that vampire’s death. Yes, Harkon certainly has it coming, but he is still Serana’s father, and Trystan could not help but be reminded of how his own father had burned by his hand.
         Despite this, there was some good to be had: in defeating Durnehviir in fair combat, Trystan had earned an ally in him. For unlike the Ideal Masters, whose sense of honor is weak at best, Durnehviir honor-named Trystan “Qahnariin”—Vanquisher—and pledged himself to Trystan’s service should he require it in Tamriel!
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