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Who is Inigo?

Inigo is a fully voiced khajiit adventuring companion with thousands of lines of unique dialogue. He's essential. He’ll level alongside you. He’ll avoid most traps. If you’re sneaking he won’t chatter. If you talk to him while sneaking he’ll whisper. He can run out of arrows. He’s highly skilled in archery, one-handed, and sneak. He has unique, random combat dialogue for most enemies. Your morality is his morality. He tells stories, sings, and is influenced by your time together.

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If you are a frequent visitor of the website (our front end) you will notice that there is a new page!

Yes! We will be getting a new EXCLUSIVE batch of preview material soon! WOOHOO :D

Keep checking back, you will NOT be disappointed :)

Best wishes

Beo x
We do... all the things. Paragons, Frost Giants, Falmer, Snow Elves, Unknown Books, wayshrines.... If you wanna see the full thing, this is it! Episode 221 - mods are listed in the link below. Enjoy!

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Branded With Fire, by Onichu / Chapter 51
« Last post by Onichu on Sun, 10 Dec 2017 - 01:12:54 »
     “Mama, when can we go play in the river again?”
     “Not with all those soldiers all over the hold. Their horses can't see you, you know.”
     “I know, but...”
     “And you'll be trampled to death!”
     “No way. I'm quick!”
     “Well why don't you be quick about finding my book that you lost?”
     Trystan woke to the sound of Iddra trying to get a handle on her difficult son. Aside from Kjeld the Younger, Kynesgrove was a pleasant little place. Iddra had a good head on her shoulders, while Roggi was such a jolly old fellow.
     But alas, Trystan could not stay there for long, so he, Inigo, and Serana head out that very morning. The roars of a dragon greeted them from the volcanic tundra. Seeing the creature as another potential threat to Kynesgrove (given the two dragons that caused trouble there the night before), the group decided to put an end to it.
     And so it was that Trystan, Inigo, and Serana did battle with the fearsome creature at the base of a tall, jagged hill. Similarly to Sahloknir, this dragon did not last long against the group—especially given the fact that Trystan’s power was greatly augmented by the Staff of Magnus.
     Atop the hill, they found yet another Word Wall. The all-too-familiar rush of ancient knowledge filled Trystan’s mind as he approached the glowing runes; with the help of the dragon’s soul, Trystan learned the first word of Frost Breath!
. . . . .
     Trystan stood in the center of High Hrothgar’s main hall, Inigo and Serana standing some distance away. Surrounding him were the Greybeards; now that Trystan had passed the last of their trials, they deemed him worthy of their formal greeting.
     Waves of raw power battered Trystan as the Greybeards all spoke at once—it was all he could do to stay on his feet. The walls threatened to collapse; the fires threatened to go out. But as the last word was spoken, the braziers remained lit; the walls remained strong; and Trystan and his friends all remained unharmed.
     “Dovahkiin,” Arngeir addressed him. “You have tasted the Voice of the Greybeards, and passed through unscathed. High Hrothgar is open to you.”
. . . . .
     “Seeing the strength of King Wulfharth, Orkey summoned the ghost of Alduin Time-Eater again,” Trystan read aloud. Following the Greybeards’ formal greeting, Trystan found himself in High Hrothgar’s library. The book he was reading was titled The Five Songs of King Wulfharth; it gave the gist of the songs the Nords had written to honor this ancient king, and it enabled Trystan to make sense of things he had before been exposed to.
     As Trystan read that one sentence, Sahloknir’s first words upon resurrection rang in his mind: “Alduin, thuri!” So it’s Alduin the Time-Eater who is raising these dragons, Trystan realized. Straight out of Nordic legend! But then, how did he come back himself?
     Without any immediate answer to this question, Trystan put it out of his mind. Upon further exploration, the three of them found that the library doubled as a living quarters for students of the Way of the Voice. The basic commodities were to be found—bed, chairs, washbasin—and at the far end of one of the rooms stood a statue of Talos, poised as if to strike.
     But, as Trystan found out, the library was not so much a library as a space for meditation. As he stepped into the largest room there, a feeling of supreme peace filled him; hawks flew in slow motion around him, and a statue of Kynareth covered the far wall. Between the statue and one of the meditation mats, Trystan found a book filled with notes; it was written by one Hodir Thunder-fang, and this monk noted how, just like in Cyrodiilic, words in the dragon tongue can have many meanings—in this case, meanings that can lead to entirely different effects! Therefore, through a combination of meditation and experimentation, Hodir had discovered and written down a number of Shouts that make use of these alternate meanings.
     Trystan was intrigued by this, and he knew that some meditation would do him good besides. Therefore, he rooted around in the nearby wardrobes until he found a set of robes that suited him, then went over to the mat to kneel.
     He knelt there for what felt like an age, letting peace fill his mind, letting his thoughts flee from it. The moment he felt he had meditated long enough, however, a deluge of knowledge and understanding forced its way in.
     Shakily, Trystan got to his feet; Serana, who had been standing close by, immediately steadied him and helped him to one of the stone benches. Trystan felt... strange, as if he had repeated his experience inside the Ancestor Glade. So much knowledge all at once... And yet it was only a mere fraction of the knowledge Kynareth could grant him. Though She spoke no words to him, Trystan knew what he had to do to earn Her trust—to make Her trust him with further insights concerning the Thu’um.
     He sat there for the better part of an hour, reflecting and resting. Finally, he stood up, saying, “Well, I suppose we should get going. Delphine might have had some insights of her own by now.”
Branded With Fire, by Onichu / Chapter 50
« Last post by Onichu on Fri, 08 Dec 2017 - 17:33:18 »
     “So you really are...”
     Sahloknir’s soul rushed into Trystan following the brief fight, proving to Delphine that he was indeed the Dragonborn she had been seeking. As promised, she answered without restraint the questions that Trystan had on his mind; from this, Trystan and his friends learned that Delphine was one of the last surviving Blades.
     But when he told Delphine about how the dragon that resurrected Sahloknir was the same one that attacked Helgen, she cursed. “We’re blundering around in the dark here! We need to figure out who’s behind it all!”
     “Who? Shouldn’t you be asking what?” Trystan immediately retorted, incredulous. “Unless you’re talking about a god or something, I don’t see how a being with a personified identity could be doing this.”
     “Um, Trystan...” Inigo whispered worriedly.
     Trystan caught himself before he could gather much more steam. “Sorry. So, um, what’s our next move?”
     “The first thing we need to do is figure out who's behind the dragons,” came Delphine’s reply (Again?! Trystan thought impatiently). “The Thalmor are our best lead. If they aren't involved, they'll know who is.”
     Trystan drew a long, deep breath and let it out slowly to calm his sheer irritation somewhat, to keep himself from exploding. She’s looking at this the wrong way, he thought to himself. Aloud, he said, “Okay, look, Delphine. I have no love for the Thalmor myself, but what in Oblivion makes you think they are the ones bringing the dragons back?”
     “Nothing solid. Yet. But my gut tells me it can't be anybody else. The Empire had captured Ulfric. The war was basically over. Then a dragon attacks, Ulfric escapes, and the war is back on. And now the dragons are attacking everywhere, indiscriminately. Skyrim is weakened, the Empire is weakened. Who else gains from that but the Thalmor?”
     “The Thalmor may just be the scavengers here,” Trystan pointed out. “They let these ‘outside events’ happen without causing any of them; the Thalmor sit on the sidelines like vultures, watching the combatants tear each other apart without interfering themselves; then—and only then—the Thalmor take real action and pick apart the remains.”
     “But,” Trystan relented, “let’s suppose the Thalmor at least know something about the dragons. How do we find out?”
     Relieved that the Dragonborn had finally become more cooperative, Delphine replied a tad excitedly, “If we could get into the Thalmor Embassy... it's the center of their operations in Skyrim...” But then, she grew uncertain. “Problem is, that place is locked up tighter than a miser's purse. They could teach me a few things about paranoia...”
     Trystan chuckled grimly. “I see... So, the Thalmor Embassy it is. How do we get in?”
     “I'm not sure yet,” came Delphine’s reply. “I have a few ideas, but I'll need some time to pull things together... Meet me back in Riverwood. If I'm not back when you get there, wait for me. I shouldn't be long.”
     Then, before she started back down the hill, Delphine warned Trystan and his companions: “Keep an eye on the sky. This is only going to get worse.”
     Once Delphine was out of earshot, Inigo remarked, “If I were a dragon, you would terrify me. Anyway, Delphine is a Blade, eh? She does not seem that sharp to me.”
     Trystan could not agree more.
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